What is the positioning?

What is the positioning?

According to many sources, the positioning is the place of a firm or a brand that is created in the mind of a customer and it is the point that where the firm or the brand is separated from its competitors. Once the positioning took its place in the memories, it is very hard to change it. Therefore, the strategy that creates the positioning is very crucial.

It is possible that a firm might create a wrong positioning, also it might happen instinctively in the eye of a customer. The biggest reason for that is a huge difference between the expectation of the customer that you create and the service you provide by implementation and appeal. Your customer might be disappointed and become the enemy of your brand.

The positioning is one of the three steps of the marketing strategy. These are segmentation, targeting, and positioning. The segmentation is categorizing customers into different groups that are about particular qualities. The targeting is the process of choosing customers that are categorized by the segmentation. The positioning is the way how you differentiate your brand from the other brands while reaching your targeted customers.


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